Derefer - for better privacy

Unbubble utilizes a derefer service to remove the referrer field from HTTP headers. This ensures the search query and referring domain is removed and not sent to any external website. The dereferrer is actually an unplanned byproduct of our safe and neutral search engine

You may use our derefer service for own purposes e.g. to obfuscate the origin of links in forums or your own blog. To conceal your links just prepend "" to any URL.

Important: you must use the full URL, including the protocol. An obfuscated link to would look like:

We do not guarantee for this service, but we will do our utmost to offer it permanent and reliable.

The technology behind this service is very simple and straight-forward. It's an HTTP 301 redirect with very little processing overhead. Dereferred links remain search engine friendly and forward to the target URL with near zero latency. Common users won’t even notice they were redirected.

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